2008 Guests from big screen cinema & TV


Chuck Williams will be signing autographs for free.           


                      Brian Krause                                                         Robert Harris                                                Dean & Starr Jones

                                                                      (Cabin Fever actor, William Jones, will also be attending)


Comic book guests



Tsunami Studios

Rick Ketcham

Thomas Boatwright

Sean Taylor

Al Bigley

Budd Root




Andy Smith

Dan Johnson

Michael Eury

Saturday only

Rich Stahnke

Everette Hartsoe

Saturday only




Bradd Parton

Shane Hai

Michael Kellar

Dion Floyd

Jer Alford




John Aston

Jester Press

Clayton Murwin

Screaming Iguana Publishing

Buddy Prince



Tsunami Studios


                          Randy Green                   Steve Bird                John Wycough             Brian Shearer                Kelly Yates





Bitter TEA Studios

Derek & Nikki


Chad Blevins

Escapist Art Laboratories

Chris Dillon

God City Art


John Hairston Jr.

Chrissie Zullo


Scott Rorie



Independent motion picture guests



Mad Ones Films

Tony Elwood

Jet Eller

Chace Ambrose

Jason Griscom




Costuming & Modeling




Cheralyn Lambeth

Vera Van Munster

Kitty King






                       Scott Nicholson               Gail Martin            James Robert Smith       Kristy Tallman      Southern Horror Writers



Fan & Special Interest Groups



                                                                                              S.C.A.                     Winston-Salem

                                                                                 Society for Creative            Paranormal

                                                                                       Anachronism                     Society


Star Wars Toy and Collectible Charity Raffle sponsored by the Mandalorian Mercs


Live performances


                                                                     Blibbering                      Kitty King &                The Tremors

                                                                   Humdingers           The Whistlin Skulls


                                                  Graveyard                  Pschocharger                Astrid Haven                Single Cell

                                                  Boulevard                                                                                                    Productions


Special personalities


                                                                                     Dave Harlequin                Dale Elmore

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