What is the Comics & Toys MonsterCon?

We like to think of it as the most anticipated "Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Superhero Show" on the East Coast.  The Comics & Toys MonsterCon is a multi-fandom convention for fans of superheroes, science-fiction, horror, fantasy, games, anime, and performing arts.  This year, the convention will be a 2-day event at the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center ( on Oct. 4th & 5th.  On Saturday & Sunday, you will find a wide variety of merchandise from dealers coming from all over the East Coast & beyond. In addition, you'll be able to meet and get autographs from our featured guests.  There will also be plenty of entertainment including gaming, trivia contests, costume contests, movie screenings and much more. On Saturday night, you'll find plenty of music and merriment at the convention after party (costumes are encouraged).  The Graveyard Boulevard, The Tremors, Psycho Charger and a few other bands will thrill convention goers with their skele-tunes. Single Cell Productions will also be providing their own style of madness and mayhem. All of that is planned and we're just getting started, so if you're excited about the East Coast's most anticipated "Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Superhero Show", start spreading the word.  Those interested in attending as a special guest, dealer, entertainer or volunteer, email us at:


What kind of vendors will be there?

We will have a large variety of vendors.  There will be vendors selling comic books, collectibles, posters, movies, rare memorabilia, models, games, toys, art and costumes.


Can I come in costume?

Of course, costumes are fun for everyone and are encouraged.  We are also planning a costume contest.  Costume weapons must be non-dangerous.   That means no metal weapons and nothing that shoots a projectile.


Do celebrities charge for autographs?

Most celebrities do charge for autographs, usually around $20.  Many supply a photo or other memorabilia that they'll autograph for you, but they are also usually willing to sign your own items.  The amount charged for autographs varies by celebrity.  Authors generally sign the book that you buy.  Keep in mind that most promoters, celebrities and authors often rely on autograph and book sales to cover travel expenses.


Can I bring my camera or video recorder?
Yes.  Bring your camera.  There will be plenty of great photo opportunities.  You can bring your video camera to the show and record in the dealers room only.  PLEASE use courtesy and ask before taking a picture or filming an individual.  Video cameras are for personal use only.  Under no circumstances may any person or company shoot video footage of the convention or celebrities for commercial use without getting express written permission from us.



Do the celebrities charge to have their photograph taken with you?
This is entirely up to the celebrity. It is very common that if you buy an autograph from a celebrity they usually will take a photo with you for free. However some celebrities may charge an additional fee to take a photo. It again is entirely up to the individual.


Did you have any special guests or celebrities last year?

Yes.  We were thrilled to have Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca from Star Wars, attend last year.  In addition, we had notable comic book personalities such as Ethan Van Sciver, Shane Davis, Andy Smith, Budd Root and Gary Friedrich (creator of Ghost Rider).


Is this a family friendly event?

Yes.  Our dealer room and daytime events are suitable for kids of all ages.  Children under the age of 10 will be admitted free of charge.  However, our after party and nighttime festivities will be geared more toward the grown-ups.  At night, there will be a concert with several bands along with live performances by Single Cell Productions.   Alcohol will be provided by The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center.


Will there be an artist alley?

Yes.  We proudly support all forms of art.  There will be a special section for comic book artists to promote their work and do sketches.   Some of the artists sketch for free, but many sell their sketches. It is best to ask the individual artist first.


Will there be food at the convention?

Yes.  The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center will provide concessions.


I'm not a professional dealer but  I do have a collection of items that will probably sell at the convention.  Can I buy a dealer table?

Yes.  Tables will be sold on a first come, first served basis.


Wow, The Comics & Toys MonsterCon sounds exciting.  What can I do to help?

Spreading the word is most important.  Tell all your friends and direct them to our website.  If you have a My Space account, send out some bulletins.  Together, we can make the Comics & Toys MonsterCon one of the most enjoyable and entertaining conventions around.


Here's a banner that you may use to help promote the show.  We sincerely appreciate your assistance.




Contact us at: or call 704-636-0049